Our challenge to you!

One of our favorite lines through writing our book (a mantra of sorts) is “if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got!” In essence what we are are saying is if you want something different, be prepared to make a change. There are some out there who are already a Get It, and have a life they have designed and one they love. To those of you, we say congratulations. Unfortunately, we feel a high percentage of people (while still happy) would like to see some differences in their lives.

To those people who are not experiencing their perfect life we would like to issue a challenge (this is for our audience of all ages). For this week, go out and MAKE A CHANGE! Flip around a routine, take those first steps on a new project (career, hobby, family, etc) or just do something big that you have been putting off. The point is, make it significant (ordering a regular coffee instead of decaf is not what we have in mind).

Our hope is that the feeling you get from this change (the new energy, the new jump in your step, etc) may be just the spark needed to start going after your perfect life.

The Gurus of Get It!

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