“From This Day Forward . . . “

One of the central tenets of Get It! is that your past does NOT define you, your future is entirely in your control, and you can design your Perfect Life as long as you stop making excuses.

Simple, right?

Actually, it is. But even we need to be reminded of those ideas every once in a while. For us, a few little things like vacation help us reset our compasses and get back on the road. But what has to happen first is to acknowledge that maybe we’ve drifted a little from our vision, not attempt to rationalize that drift, and start to work our way back. So repeat after us:

“From this day forward . . .”

We’ll let you fill in the end of the phrase. The key here is to concentrate on what IS in your control (your choices), put aside what you have no control over (the past), and GO FORWARD!! Whenever you feel like you’ve drifted, use that phrase to help you re-claim ownership over your PERFECT LIFE.

The Gurus of Get It!

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