In Consideration of History

We write in the book about the value of taking risks; we also write about having something bigger than yourself to believe in. In light of the holiday we just passed, we’d like to take a look at American history, which provides a wonderful example of exactly those two principles.

233 years ago 56 men pledged their Lives, their Fortunes, and their sacred Honor to, in effect, declare war against a vastly superior power. Their reasoning? That the principles of Freedom and Liberty are important enough to risk everything. It turns out that some of them did.

Nine died during the Revolutionary War; five were captured and tortured; two had wives who were subjected to torture; one lost all 13 children; twelve had their homes burned to the ground; 17 became bankrupt. They lost their lives and their fortunes; all held on to their sacred Honor.

Is there something in your life that you care about enough, that you value enough, that you would pledge your “life, your fortune, and your sacred honor?” If there is–and we hope that there is–then that is a great step towards finding your Passion in life. For that, you should Believe, and Risk Much!

The Gurus of Get It

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