Weekend Challenge: The Person You Always Hoped You Would Be

This post is especially for our “older” audience–meaning, really, anybody older than about 25.

The sudden turn towards winter weather here in the Denver area, combined with Halloween–which always marks the official beginning of the Holiday Season–makes us think on the holidays a little bit.  And, in particular, we were thinking of one of our favorite holiday movies:  Scrooged.

There’s a line Bill Murray says towards the end of the movie, after he’s “awakened,” that goes something like this: “Every year, for a few hours, we ARE the people we always HOPED we would be!  And it’s really great!”

So this weekend’s challenge is for all those “older” people: try to think back to those days of your life before you had a job and bills and family and  . .. well, life.  Try to think of who that person was, the person you always hoped you would be.  See if you can get a mental picture of what that person was like.  Did they laugh more than you do? Did they “play” more than you do?  Did they take more risks, have more courage than you do?

It’s easy to dismiss that person as naive and foolish; it’s a lot harder to recognize that maybe–just maybe–you quit on that person and they’re still in you. Somewhere.  And that that person is a little bit more like what you are supposed to be.

By the way, it’s not enough just to remember that person wistfully and give up on them.  Try to capture their spirit a little bit, and bring them into the world.  And what better day than Halloween?  Call it a costume:  be the person you always hoped you would be!

The Gurus of Get It!

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Loving The Season You’re In

We here at Get It! are somewhat split between a love of the summer or the autumn.  On the one hand, there’s the fun and the opportunities of the beautiful weather and the reliability, but on the other hand there’s the explosion of colors and the unpredictability.

But, being from the Denver area, we are reminded (somewhat forcefully) that there is very little in the world quite as beautiful as moonlight reflected off of a pristine drift of new snow; and springtime brings the anticipation of new life and new possibilities.Every season brings its own charms, its own beauty, and, yes, its own challenges.

Your life is much the same way.  Just because we are trying to guide you towards your Perfect Life doesn’t mean we harbor any illusions about the nature of life–you will go through periods of struggle, of sadness, of disappointment, followed by new possibilities, followed by great warmth and success, followed by . . .  The difference we want you to go after is that a “winter time” spent chasing you true Passion is nothing more than a period of preparation and testing; a winter time of the same old same old is bleak and cold.

So understand that whatever season of life you happen to be in, there is purpose and beauty in it.  A Get It! will learn to embrace even the coldest of winters, knowing that the Spring that follows will be that much sweeter and leaves the world that much more fertile for their Passions to take root.

The Gurus of Get It!

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Get It! of the week

Every so often we like to share an example of a real Get It!  This week, we are focusing on our youngest nominee yet, an 11 year old from South Carolina.

This particular Get It’s name is Katie.  Her passion was pretty simple (in fact something that a lot of us really enjoy doing), she loved planting a garden.  After a cabbage she planted grew to an astonishing 40 lbs, she donated it to a homeless shelter (and then proceeded to go back to help serve the cabbage she donated). 

Since that first cabbage, she started other gardens, than enlisted volunteers (gardeners from her class) and found a plant company to donate seeds.  This year, her “garden posse” supplied soup kitchens with over 1,000 lbs of squash, okra, cabbage and other crops.  With the fall harvest she will add another 4,000 lbs.

Imagine, an 11 year old, finding a passion (not only something she loves to do, but also recognizing the importance of giving) that can have this kind of incredible impact on her society.  As the article we read about her said “she shows that children can play a big part in helping people”.

We still have naysayers that say that our audience is too young to get it, that they cannot possibly figure out passions at this age.  We say look at Katie, and guess again.

The Gurus of Get It!

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Weekend Challenge

Get out of your box.

C’mon, you can do it.  Everybody’s got a routine that they like to go through, even on weekends.  So break it up.  Do something different, something spontaneous.

Doesn’t have to cost money, or even be something out “in the world”–is there something you can do around the house that would be very different and out of the ordinary?  Or something you could . . .NOT do?

Imagine what would happen in your life if, instead of (and we’re justing running with a hypothetical here . . .) sleeping in until 10 and then getting up to eat breakfast and muddle through a few hours before half-heartedly doing some chores and then trying to figure out what to do with your friends that night, you got up at 7:30, walked to the local Starbuck’s (‘cuz there’s got to be one within about 350 yards of your house) and got your family something to drink, then got ready for your day and went to the local high school sporting event.  Or better yet, music event, theater event, or academic competition (now THAT’S out of the box!) Not to root for anybody, really, but more for the spectacle of watching a couple hundred young people do something that is not required of them to the very limits of their ability and endurance all because they have a great passion for the game.

And then go back home and figure out what you love to do that much.

Or something like that.  ANYTHING!  Just do something different.

The Gurus of Get It!

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Enjoy The “Suck”

We toyed with “toning down” the title of this post, but this wording really says it all. 

What, you might ask, is the “suck”?  The suck is the hard, it’s the challenging, it’s the part of every dream that forces us to push through our own self-imposed limits and be more than we think we are capable of.

In short, it’s the part of every journey that makes us all slow down for a second and say “this sucks”.

But the “suck” is the most important part of the journey.  The “suck” is what guarantees that when we do acheive our Vision we will be worthy of it and capable of treating it with the respect that it deserves.   It is the furnace in which the sharpest swords are forged, and only the strong survive it.  “Get Its”  are the strongest.

If you think about it, you will easily see that we’re on to something.  Name one top-teir athlete who doesn’t have a slightly “psychotic” workout routine; or one hugely successful businessman who didn’t “pay their dues” in either the mailroom or through very difficult failures;  or a famous movie director who hasn’t spent hours learning the most mundane parts of editing, lighting, or cinematography.  The journey towards your Perfect Life will take you through places that aren’t always joyful;  but the Get Its of the world learn to extract as much as they possibly can from the difficult times so that their Perfect Life will be that much sweeter.

So when you hit the “suck”, dig in, enjoy it, take a demented pleasure in it.  It will become one of your most valuable memories when you break through and reach your Perfect Life.

The Gurus of Get It!

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Commitment is Key!

We have spent a lot of time talking about ways to not only build your perfect life, but also on how to make your life better every day.  Just this weekend we worked on an exercise to help make you and the people around you a little happier.  All of these posts do no good until you are ready to really commit.

We hear that word, commitment, a lot.  We hear it in terms of work, family, friends and other areas where people may count on you.  Where we seem to miss the boat a little is when it comes to that commitment we need to ourselves.  No man (or woman) is an island, nor do many of us live on an island.  This means that our world will always be effected by those around us.  It does not mean that you can ignore what it will take to find your happiness.

Your challenge this week is to make that commitment to yourself.  It could be something big (career oriented) or something smaller, it does not matter.  What does matter is that you take that commitment seriously.  This is one of the first steps into acknowledging what is important to you and taking some time to act on that importance.

Good Luck!

The Gurus of Get It!

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How’d You Do?

With the weekend challenge, that is?

If you’re like we are, it was a mixed bag.  You might have started with great intentions, and got off to a roaring start with a few “low-hanging fruits” on Saturday morning.  But then you had to go somewhere . . .somebody cut you off in traffic . . . you forgot to grab the thing you were leaving the house to take care of to begin with . . . and suddenly you’re just trying to get through the day.

Like every other day.

We hope that you managed to get it back after a while.  Sometimes these things just take a little persistence.  We also hope that you noticed how much more pleasant the people around you were after you brought some light into their world.  It’s possible, of course, that there are people whose response to a compliment or a nice gesture is cynical, and they resisted your efforts to brighten their day.  But that’s okay–that’s their deal, not yours.

Keep working at this.  You can even plan ahead a little–think in the shower every morning of one person in your world who seems isolated or separate, and then think of one nice thing you can say to them that day.  It might not mean that much to you, but it might mean a great deal to them. 

For the record, we had a score of 6 for the weekend:  two compliments, two gestures, three shared moments, and one negative (flash of anger).

The Gurus of Get It!

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Weekend Challenge

This weekend we would like you to do an exercise in Getting Along With Everyone.

No, seriously.

Actually, this is going to be an easy one.  All you need to do is Be A Source of Light this weekend.  Find or make opportunities to say nice things to people.  If you’re having a bad day, don’t tell everybody you meet–instead, ask them about their day or share a good joke.  If somebody else is having a bad day, ask them what you can do to help.  Or if there’s somebody in your life who is dealing with a heavy burden, go out of your way to try to lessen their load by a little bit.

And since we believe in measurable goals, use this:  your goal is TEN.  Any combination of compliments, shared laughs, nice gestures or genuinely meaningful interactions count as a point in your favor; any complaint, outburst, or insult is a point against you.  Your goal is to reach a score of TEN by Sunday night.

Have fun.

The Gurus of Get It!

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Sometimes Learning Can Be Fun

We counsel in the book that one of the best ways to get smarter sooner is to learn from the mistakes of others.  The great part of that is that sometimes we can get a little chuckle out of that.

Take, for instance, the Reader’s Digest list of the world’s dumbest criminals.  This is like a Cliff’s Notes vesion of what to do when you DO NOT Get It!  Imagine living the way some of these criminals live, and then make every choice in your life to be the exact opposite.  At least you’d be headed in the direction of Getting It!

One of this month’s favorites comes to us from Middletown, Ohio, where a woman was picked up for shoplifting from a Dollar General Store with her two young children in tow.  Among the items she was trying to pilfer: a copy of the book 101 Ways To Be A Great Mom.

No further comment is really necessary.

The Gurus of Get It!

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Stray Thoughts On Passion

It all starts with Passion.

That is the first message of both our book and our presentation.  For without Passion, the whole process is just going through the motions.

So how, exactly, do you identify your Passions?  Passion is what drives you to distraction, its what makes you not care what time of night it is, its what makes you try to write ideas down on any piece of paper you can find–even when you’re supposed to be doing something else.  A Passion is any activity or idea or dominates whatever free brain power you have.

Try to observe yourself over the next several days.  When you’re daydreaming, do your thoughts tend to run in one direction?  When you’re in meetings, do you find yourself doodling the same types of things? 

Or ask yourself this question: if you won the Lottery tomorrow, what you be doing with yourself in two weeks?

See, the first step to making the Perfect Life is to be always chasing your Passions.  Poverty in pursuit of Passion is less painful than great wealth gained at a soul-sucking job!  And failure on the road of your Passion is nothing more than a glancing blow that is easily recovered from, while even success at a mind-numbing pursuit is makes you want to pull off the road.

If you can find your Passion, you can transform your life into something you relish and your days into opportunities to drive your life forward!  So find your Passion.  We’ll talk about what’s next later.

The Gurus of Get It!

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