Weekend Challenge: Be Free!

We write in the book that the first step to achieving your Perfect Life is to Know Yourself.  And one of the elements of that is figure out what about you is holding you back from becoming your Best Self.  Whether that’s a lack of knowledge, a lack of motivation, or some other pathology that sets you out to sabotage yourself, there is nothing and nobody that will get in your way as much as you do.

So on this weekend where we in America celebrate what would mark the beginning of a great and terrible struggle for Independence, we encourage you to take on the terrible battle to be independent from your own restrictors.  Think about your Perfect Life; now when you hear that little voice in your head say “but . . . ” figure out where it comes from.  Whether that’s from a doubting parent, a too-harsh former mentor, or some place more dark like an addiction or abuse, discover where that doubt comes from.  You have to know what ties you down to know how to cut the cords.

Hey, the Founding Fathers pledged their “Lives, their Fortunes, and their Sacred Honor” to have the opportunity for self-determination; isn’t that same opportunity for you worth a little discomfort?

The Gurus of Get It

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