Be Flexible!

We talk in our program about thinking outside the box and reference (as an example) the art of having a flexible body.  We discuss how, if you are not flexible, it will hurt for a while.  This one simple word can be incredibly powerful in different parts of your life.

We all know those people who are “stiff”.  We are not just talking about any problems with touching ones toes.  We are talking about those who follow a very rigid routine, the ones who believe “there are NO exceptions to rules” and of course the ones who cannot see past their proverbial blinders.

Our hope for you is that you be flexible.  Learn how to best work with the individuals in your life (everyone is motivated differently).  Change up that stale routine.  If you are in a funk, take some time and come up with a way to think outside the box to spark some excitement and passion in your life.  And, if it is a problem, work on touching those toes.  All of this will help to make you feel better and give you a little more bounce to your step.

The Gurus of Get It!

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