The Whole Point Of Having A Roadmap

We’ve recently had some work done on our home, and part of the calculus of home improvement projects is whether it’s better to spend your time working on projects or to spend your money to hire someone else to do the project.  In this case, it was better to spend the money.

One of the beautiful things about skilled workers is that their experience teaches them the smartest way to do things–not necessarily the easiest way, but the smartest way.  So a good worker executes a plan–otherwise they waste time and materiel.  Imagine a bricklayer building a wall without a plan and without ever stepping back to look at the wall: each individual brick may look perfect, but it’s easy to imagine the wall wandering in several crazy directions without ever accomplishing its purpose.  That’s why good workers take time to lay out a plan before they start working.

Your life is the same way.  You may make all the “right” choices and seem to be doing a great job, but if you’re not trying to execute a plan and you’re not stepping back to see the big picture, your life could wander off in crazy directions.  THINK IT THROUGH!

The Gurus of Get It!

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