Weekend Challenge: Enjoy Simple

We were trying to watch the World Cup over the course of the last month, and we were surprisingly interested (sorry, soccer fan: we didn’t grow up with it so . . . ).  But our interest is likely to disappear now that the big event has gone away. The thing about soccer is, at its highest levels, it’s a very complex sport, which makes it hard to follow; on the other hand, your basic little league soccer game is fairly simple, which makes it a little easier to follow.

I think that’s part of the problem with adults–we tend to complicate things.  Even when we’re just “playing” we make up rules and expectations that sap the fun out of a lot of our lives.  And the problem with that approach to life is that we never let our brains just shut off and “be”–it causes brain fatigue.

So this weekend, find something simple to enjoy.  If you’re playing with your kids, don’t keep score (they’ll do it, anyway!); if you’re our for some exercise, don’t set a time goal and give yourself permission to wander off the normal path. 

Relax, and enjoy something the way a kid enjoys things.

The Gurus of Get It

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