Lessons from Music: Balance

In any ensemble that you listen to, there is a natural balancing of the sounds that create the unique qualities of that group.  For instance, the Chicago Philharmonic tends to have a very live and prominent brass sound; the rock group Maroon Five has a much brighter rhythm guitar sound than has become common; and Harry Connick, Jr., as a piano player, has a heavy and very rhythmic left hand.

But regardless of what stands out, it is always the blending of all the sounds that make the group worth listening to.  Imagine the driving rhythm guitar of Maroon Five without the equally pulsating drumset playing–it just doesn’t have the same energy.  Smart musical groups highlight what they do best, but they never allow that quality to bury the sounds of the other members.

Much like how smart people run their lives: know what you do best and emphasize it, but don’t sacrifice the other necessary skills to make your dreams come true.  For example, if you are great with numbers and want to build a Life around number management, great–just keep in mind that at some point you will have to explain the numbers to somebody, so build some skill at writing and speaking, as well.

The Gurus of Get It

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