Leadership and Perseverance

We at Get It live here in Denver, and the number one topic of conversation around here for the past week has been the promotion of Tim Tebow to the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos. 

And to be sure, his first game was quite a bit short of a thing of art.  For 57 minutes he and the rest of the team looked out of sync, uncertain, and at times, completely inept.  And then Tebow and the rest of the team managed to string together three minutes of absolutely inspired football to tie the game and send it to overtime, where they managed to win it.

57 minutes of garbage–at that point a lot of people would be so consumed with self-doubt that they wouldn’t be able to function.  But one of the great qualities of people who Get It is that they persevere: they keep coming back and striving for the goal even after being turned away many times.

And in that persevering, they show others the way to persevere; and when many strive together to overcome great odds, it creates a synergistic momentum towards accomplishment; that inspiration, to become more than they could be alone, is the essence of leadership.


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Check Your Attitude at the Door

There was a movie made in 1991 called “City Slickers,” starring Billie Crystal and Bruno Kirby.  It was your basic buddy movie, built around the idea that three guys would get away from their lifeless existences each year by planning an elaborate adventure vacation.  To sum up, when the Billie Crystal character returned home after the most recent adventure, his wife greeted by saying, basically, if you want to quit your job, go ahead.  To which he replied “No. I’m just going to do it better.”

Sometimes, in spite of all the advice we’ve been dispensing for three years now, you find yourself stuck in a rut.  Whether that’s in a job, or a relationship, or whatever, you realize that you don’t enjoy what you’re doing and you don’t particularly care, and you just want out.

And sometimes, you’re right.

But sometimes the problem has nothing to do with the job or the relationship–it has to do with you! 

So before you go making wholesale changes in your life, the sorts of things that cannot be undone, make absolutely certain that the problem is not in you.  Maybe you don’t need to do something different . . .

You just need to do things better.

the Gurus of Get It

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Be Open To Surprise (from Samuel Barber)

The other day we were listening to one of our favorite pieces of classical music: the “Adagio for Strings” by Samuel Barber.  People of our generation are probably most familiar with this piece as it was one of the central musical ideas in the 1980s Vietnam War movie “Platoon,” but the piece stands on its own exceptionally well.

The piece starts very quiet and pensive, and gradually grows in drama and dissonance until all the strings are practically crying out in anguish, until it resolves in a powerful, satisfying consonant chord.  And then silence.

Yes, right after the high point, silence. A rest. And then a quiet return to the original themes.

We remember the first time we heard that piece and what a shock to the system that sudden silence was, and how completely profound that moment of “non-music” was to the performance of that piece of music. The surprise and satisfaction of that use of “negative sound” was awesome. Nobody puts a piece of music on to hear how the performer uses silence–but the best ones really know how to do it!

Now, we know that not everybody gets as excited about classical music as we do, but there will be similar moments in your everyday that can have the same effect.  You glance into a grove of trees you’ve seen a million times, but just once you see a baby deer walking through; a family goes by you in the grocery store, but this time you look close and see that a small child is busy taking care of his infant sister; a pile of leaves drifts by on a breeze, but this time you pause and catch the faint scent of a burning fire.

You will always be able to find great things when you set out to look for them.  But we think the world is a far more interesting place if you try to keep your mind open for the beauty of moments unlooked-for. 

The Gurus of Get It!

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