Grab Your Moment

Watching the Super Bowl, we are struck by how really rare are the moments we get in life to do what is truly spectacular.

The top athletes in the world compete every day for their whole lives, and are very well-compensated and famous for it.  But the moments that everybody remembers are very rare.  How many times do you see a player get their hands on the ball in impossible circumstances and not bring it in?  And they’re not supposed to–there are a lot of other great athletes trying to prevent them from grabbing it, and it’s almost unbelievable that they even get close.

But we remember the ones who did.

Your own life will present precious few moments of potential glory, also.  Unless you’re a policeman, soldier, or firefighter, your own life will probably only present one or two opportunities for you to accomplish something amazing.  And for you to be in position to capitalize on that opportunity you have to hustle, prepare, anticipate, and work relentlessly.  The question is, when you get your hands on the ball, …

when the boss asks you to head up a project . . .

when the cameras are rolling . . .

when your dream job opens up . . .

will you be in the right position? and will you grab you moment?

The Gurus of Get It!

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