Never Miss An Opportunity

Ah, Spring Break.  

The annual ritual for millions of young people is in full swing right now, and we, ourselves, are tempted by the warming weather.  There’s something about the whole cycle of the seasons finally waking up from the winter slumber that inevitably draws out the kid in all of us.

We would never advise against this, as long as you’re not falling into one of those “Unrecoverable Mistakes” we talk about.  No, go out and enjoy your Spring Break.

But, hey, while you’re out there, in an unfamiliar city, and all your colleagues are spending their daylight hours recovering from the night before, why don’t you use this time to your advantage?  Find out who the major employers are in your vacation hot spot, and call them up to see if you can take a tour of their facilities.  Take a resume with you.  Find out what their needs are, and test the waters to see if you’re a fit.

Have as much fun as you want, but since you’re somewhere completely different, take a chance and see if there’s a door that needs knocking down.

The Gurus of Get It!

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