Respect Your Dream

We read an interview with Jack Nicklaus a few years ago, and it contained a great bit of wisdom.  Jack holds the record for winning the most “major” golf tournaments, and he attributed that to one thing: good living.  He said that, while he had plenty of challengers during his incredible run in the 60s and 70s, all of them would go out at night, drink a little too much and stay out a little long.  This worked fine in the short run, but over time each and every one of his competitors faded away.

We were thinking about this story this past weekend watching a previous subject of this blog, Tiger Woods, scrape and scratch and claw his way to a completely insignificant finish at the Masters, one of golf’s majors.  Three years ago, the smart money was on Tiger breaking Jack’s record; two years ago, Tiger had one of the most infamous personal life meltdowns in history; now, it looks like Tiger may never win a major again, much less make a serious run at Jack’s record.

Nobody wants you to live the life of a hermit; and, certainly, we preach that you should work for balance in your life.  But be aware of how your “off-hours” activities impact your life.  It would be horrible to have your night life force you to abandon your Perfect Life.

The Gurus of Get It!

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