History is NOT Destiny

Little Jimmy was born to a single mother.  He was passed back and forth between her and his stepfather; one day, the stepfather asked the mom for the $98 of child support she owed him, and,when she refused, he took Jimmy and dropped him off at social services. “Mom” took him back. Then, one day when he was 11, put him in the car and drove him to a group home.  There he would be beaten by his fellow orphans on a regular basis; after one especially violent episode, he called his mother to ask her to pick him up.  She hung up on him.

Nine months later “mom” took him back–to live with her and her abusive boyfriend.

In almost every aspect, this story is a recipe for tragedy.  But not this time.

Little Jimmy started attending a regular Wednesday night prayer meeting at a local church to get away from mom’s boyfriend and to get a free meal.  One night he shared his story with the prayer group, and the leader of the group took him into her home, changing his trajectory.

Little Jimmy graduated from college two years ago with a double degree after also having played Division One sports in two sports.  “Little” Jimmy is Jimmy Graham (all 6-foot-6, 260 pounds) of the New Orleans Saints.

Your own history may be as horrible as Jimmy’s (we hope not, but . . . ); but even so, that does not have to dictate who you are and who you become.  Your choices become your destiny, from this day forward.  Don’t try to pretend it’s anything else.

–The Gurus of Get It

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